Objective Completed

Go Beyond the Bulletpoint

You’ve been terminated!

It’s inevitable, you’re going to go through all 5 stages of grief. But once you’ve reached acceptance, how do you get back in the game?

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6 Ways To Crush an Interview

Mom and dad can dress you, teach you, and motivate you, but the moment you walk through that door, you’re on your own.

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Status Update

I’ve been building this page,┬áhoping to create a site for information and guidance on a variety of subjects in a relatable manner. Continue reading “Status Update”

The Hunt

So, you’re looking for a job…

Whether you’re coming straight out of high school, you’ve just completed some form of higher education, or you already have years of work experience and life’s steering you into a new role, job hunting can be a major source of stress and anxiety. Continue reading “The Hunt”

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